Security Doors

What are security doors?

safety glass for security windows and doorsSecurity doors and security screen doors are designed to let you safely open up the home to air and light while you’re at home in a secure setting.

While security doors provide a high level of protection for your home or office, given enough time and the right equipment, an expert burglar will be able to jimmy the locks of any door.  However this would take time and would be very noisy. So ensure your door is professionally installed. Which we can help you with at South Coast Glazing.

Security doors & security screen doors typically feature a metal grille set in a metal frame, often backed by a light mesh to keep insects out. The two most common metals for use in these doors are aluminium and steel. 

these doors can either be hinged doors, or sliding doors depending on what you would like. They usually have a heavy duty lock and recessed hinges or edges making the door more difficult to force open.


Why should i get security doors?

Security doors make a great first impression to a home if they are done well. In addition to this they can help with ventilation. As we have hot summers in Australia you want to let that cool breeze in at night with out worrying about your safety. 

In more remote country areas like some areas around the Fleurieu Peninsula, there can be more bugs than in city areas. You don’t want to turn the light on and have thousands of flying ants or mosquitos in your home. By getting a security door we can have mesh smaller enough to stop this from happening.

These doors also come in many shapes, sizes, styles, colours, we can custom design these security doors to suit you and your home. Which makes for a great first impression.


Types of security doors?

South Coast Glazing offer a wide range of security screens please visit our installation page to learn more. In general terms there our many different types some of which our below.

Steel mesh security screens are great for securing your windows and doors so that you feel safe in your home.

Marine Grade Steel Mesh Security Screens are another option.

Structural Grade Stainless Steel Security Screens are heavy duty.

Aluminium Security Screens are the most popular.

If you would like a free quote for security doors in Victor Harbor, Goolwa, Port Elliot or any other area in the Fleurieu Peninsula please give us a call.