Looking for pet doors to be installed in your home? Give South Coast Glazing a call for a free quote!

pet doors victor harborPet doors are specifically designed for installation into glass panels and are made from durable, high quality clear plastic.

South Coast Glazing applies industry best standard for the manufacture and the installation of the pet door.

This ensures the safety as well as the security for both the pet and the house occupants.

We offer two different brands which are listed below.


Security Pet Doors

Petway pet doors are designed for security screens, insect screen doors and stainless steel security doors and have a choice of three sizes small, medium and large. Petway pet doors are made out of UV stabilised plastic, which makes them easy to clean.


Glass Windows and Doors

Transcat pet door are designed to fit into glass doors and panels. Transcat pet doors come in two sizes small and large. The pet doors have two secure locks, easy lockable from inside and out. Suitable for both cats and dogs so you will only need one door for your pets. Transcat pet door are durable, high quality and easy to clean.



Your pet door system can be easily upgraded to become electronic. This unique system allows only your pet to enter through the door, keeping out any undesirables. This system simply attaches itself to the underside of the pet door and senses when your pet is approaching via a collar tag worn by your pet.

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