Aluminium Windows

Are you looking for Aluminium Windows for your home or office in Victor Harbor, Goolwa, Port Elliot or the wide Fleurieu Peninsula?

If you are give South Coast Glazing a call. We have been specialising in Aluminium windows and doors for over 10 years. But why would you choose aluminium windows over say wooden window frames?

Why choose aluminium windows?

1. High Strength – Aluminium framed windows are far less prone to warping in the extreme heat or cold weather. They also last longer than wooden frames. The additional strength also allows for larger window arrangements which are not possible with timber frames.

2. More Colour Choices – Aluminium framed windows can be powdercoated in thousands of colours. Allowing the frames to match your home seamlessly.

3. Lower Cost – Aluminium frames are far less expensive than wood frames. They are easier to manufacture, and the material is less expensive to begin with.

4. Ease of Maintenance – Wooden window frames are subject to warping and decay and they need repainting every 3-5 years. Aluminium is virtually maintenance free. It never needs painting, doesn’t rot or warp.

5. Better Operability – Aluminium is a durable substance and will keep its shape over time. Therefore Aluminium windows and doors will continue to open and slide smoothly over the years. Where as wooden frames will break down.

6. Better Noise Reduction – Aluminum windows slide and open much easier as it doesnt stick to itself. Where wood can expand and paint can stick if the window has not been opened in some time.

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